Shapiro Pelosi Getty Reuters
Shapiro Pelosi Getty Reuters

By Nick Givas | Fox News

Congressional Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have overreached in their efforts to remove President Trump from office and don’t even know on what charges they will impeach him, said Ben Shapiro on “The Ben Shapiro Show” Thursday.

“Hilariously enough… the Democrats don’t even know what these articles of impeachment are going to encompass,” he said. “The 300-page report brought forward by Adam Schiff yesterday… that report does not substantiate the charges to the extent necessary to support an impeachment effort.”

Shapiro claimed Democrats should have settled for a resolution to censure the president.


“Democrats overreached here. Politically, strategically, legally,” he said. “What they should have done is they should have moved forward on censure.

“They should have said, ‘President Trump did something bad and he did something wrong here. And now we are moving forward with a censure motion.’ And force Republicans between a rock and a hard place — in the sense that if they don’t vote for censure they look like hypocrites,” Shapiro continued. “And second, if they did endorse a censure then Trump gets very angry and yells about them on Twitter and they get primaried.”

Shapiro also said Democrats have known from the start their impeachment efforts would go nowhere.

“It’s going nowhere in the Senate. We all know it’s going nowhere in the Senate. The Democrats know it’s going nowhere in the Senate,” he said. “The reason they are rushing this thing forward… is because they know they do not have the goods.”

“Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had already pre-committed to impeachment, literally the day she opened an impeachment inquiry,” Shapiro added. “Today, Nancy Pelosi announced, ‘We’re moving forward with these impeachment charges.’ Now, that’s hilarious also because as you’ll recall, just yesterday Adam Schiff was saying, ‘We’re still making up our minds.’ It’s all Kabuki theater. From the moment she said ‘impeachment inquiry,’ impeachment was inevitable.”Nick Givas is a reporter with Fox News.

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