Biden strengthened Russia because he thinks climate change is a bigger threat
Biden strengthened Russia because he thinks climate change is a bigger threat

By Zachary Faria, Commentary Fellow

President Joe Biden’s obsession with climate led to him weakening American energy independence, leaving Russia in a stronger position than it was before he took office.

Biden said global warming was the biggest threat to American national security. Evidently, that was enough for him to end American energy independence, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and suspending oil and gas leases. Biden promised during the campaign to “end fossil fuel” and tried to lie about his opposition to fracking.

Biden’s climate fanaticism was personified by John Kerry, the former secretary of state whom Biden appointed to be his “climate envoy.” Kerry, of course, thinks climate change and Chinese solar panels take precedence over China’s genocide of the Uyghurs. Kerry complained about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine not because it was an unprovoked attack on a sovereign state but because it would distract from climate change.

Yet Biden’s self-inflicted energy woes never applied to Russia. While canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and promising voters no new pipelines, Biden gave the Russians a pass on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline at the behest of the Germans. Even now, the administration has gone out of its way to exclude from sanctions anything that would “disrupt, in any way, the current flow of energy from Russia to the world.”

On behalf of climate activists who want to transform the U.S. economy and everyday life radically, Biden sabotaged U.S. energy independence and made Russia’s global position stronger. After all, Russia was not the greatest threat to American national security: Biden mocked that “Cold War mentality” during the 2012 election. No, the biggest threat to national security is climate change, and the United States had to shoot itself in the foot repeatedly to combat it.

Now, Russia is threatening Finland and Sweden while Biden himself claims that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin wants to recreate the Soviet Union, which would put NATO allies Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in the crosshairs. But don’t fret: Biden rejoined the Paris climate accords, so all is well.

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