illegal ims healthcare in nh
illegal ims healthcare in nh


The Democrats in the United States House of Representatives passed H.R. 3525 on September 26, 2019. As you can see here, Chris Pappas voted … as he typically does … in lockstep with his Party.

The bill requires the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to create an Electronic Health Records system for Illegals within 90 days.

According to Congressman Mark Walker of North Carolina:

The problem? The Veterans Administration (VA) will not have similar electronic health records systems in place for nine years and the Department of Defense (DOD) will not have those systems for another five years.

Additionally, the new requirements are not funded, so DHS would be forced to take funds from other agency efforts including border security, combatting terrorism, stopping drug and human trafficking, and natural disaster response.

The House GOP offered an amendment that prevented the electronic healthcare system for Illegals from being implemented until the equivalent had been enacted for Veterans:

... This bill, without the amendment 
I am asking this body to consider, advances healthcare services to 
illegal aliens before it does to our American heroes.
  The VA Secretary testified before Congress that it will take his 
department 10 years to fully deploy this new system.
  Mr. Speaker, I have the deployment schedule for the VA from their 
website, and I will include this in the Record at a later date.
  Mr. Speaker, this timeline states that our veterans will not get an 
interoperable electronic health record at all VA healthcare facilities 
until September 20 of 2027.
  VA medical facilities serving veterans in Virginia won't get it until 
2024. Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and New England won't be 
fully operational until 2026. It won't be until 2027 that VA medical 
facilities in Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois are fully operational. 
Veterans in my home State of Tennessee won't benefit from interoperable 
electronic health records until 2023.
  Yet, without this amendment, without my amendment, we are going to 
give it to illegal aliens within 90 days.
  Mr. Speaker, these are the same men and women who, when they raised 
their right hand and took that oath, wrote a blank check for America, 
for every person in this room, that was cashable, redeemable, all the 
way up until their life, their very life.
  I think our constituents across this great country would find it 
appalling that we are about to give this health record system to 
illegal immigrants before our veterans receive it.
  All this amendment does is ensure that our veterans get this service 
first. If you vote against this motion to recommit, you are giving an 
electronic health medical record to illegal aliens before our veterans.

And here is the official vote on the amendment … which shows Liddle Chris Pappas voting NO.

As far as I can tell, Pappas’ vote to prioritize healthcare for Illegals over healthcare for Veterans has been ignored by the local press. Unfortunately, the State GOP Committee appears to have made the coverup easy for the press as they have not called out Liddle Chris on this vote.

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