Papadopoulos Misfud large
Papadopoulos Misfud large

By Hal Turner News Desk

Joseph Mifsud, the CIA Operative TASKED with telling Trump Campaign Official George Papadopoulos about the Russians having dirt on Hillary Clinton, and who went missing when discovered, has been “kidnapped” by Italian intelligence services and forcefully removed from his hideout.

Hal Turner Remark: You anti-Trump folks cannot hide from us.  Yes, I said “us.”

We older Intel guys know all the hideouts, all the tricks, and still have access to — most — of the tools you use.  Guys like me who worked for FBI for 15 years, the final five years with the Joint Terrorism Task Force handling national security, terrorism and foreign counter-intelligence, aren’t sitting around idly while you try to overthrow our President.

Whether you like him or not, doesn’t matter.  Whether you think you have some “higher calling” is irrelevant.  He’s our duly elected President and that’s it. Period. End. Stop.

Those of us who support our President will use what we know to help him against those of you who are trying a Coup D’Etat. 

There is nowhere for you to run, and nowhere for you to hide.

Now that we have Misfud, we have direct, living proof tying former CIA Officials to this unlawful Intelligence effort to set-up and overthrow the duly elected POTUS.   Misfud can testify under oath WHO ordered him to give Papadopoulos the false Russia info to start the hoax Intel investigation into Trump.  Once he does, those former officials are going to prison.

Oh, and Misfud is not like Epstein; he won’t be able to “hang himself” in a jail cell.

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