By Curtis Ellis | Fox News

The Soviets airbrushed photographs to make purged party officials disappear from history.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t need an airbrush. She has a compliant media to help her revise history right before our eyes.

The impeachment fever gripping official Washington and cable newsrooms is not just about removing the president — it’s about deflecting and discrediting the Justice Department investigations into the shadowy origins of the failed “Russia collusion” ghost story.


Democrats want us to forget Attorney General William Barr told everyone he would investigate the source of the allegations that launched the Mueller probe and haunted the nation for three years.

They want us to forget Democrats paid a British spy to dig up dirt on then-candidate Donald J. Trump.

They want us to forget Democrats also asked Ukrainians to dig up dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump.

They want us to forget a shady Maltese professor set up a meeting with a Trump campaign aide.

They want us to forget an Australian diplomat conveniently happened to run into that campaign aide in a London bar, then tipped off the FBI about the aide’s previous meeting with the professor.

They want us to forget top officials in the FBI, CIA and Justice Department never alerted the Trump campaign to potential threats from Russian agents.

They want us to forget these same officials launched a counterintelligence investigation of the president, hid it from him and discussed secretly taping their conversations with him.

They want us to forget Barr said he would get to the bottom of all this and follow the facts wherever they led.

And they want us to forget Democratic senators asked Ukraine to help investigate President Trump or risk losing U.S. aid.

Having forgotten all this, the Democrats now feign outrage that Trump asked leaders of Ukraine, Australia and others to assist our investigators.

Having forgotten all this, the Democrats and their dutiful stenographers in the corrupt media feign outrage that Barr is traveling abroad to collect facts as he said he would.

They want us to forget that since his first days in office, the president’s private conversations with foreign leaders have been leaked to the press, an extraordinary breech of security.

Having forgotten all this, the Democrats pretend to be outraged the president would secure records of his conversations with foreign leaders on a restricted-access computer. They call it a “cover-up,” though the transcript of the conversation in question has been made public.

They want us to forget the White House, the Justice Department, the State Department and virtually every agency, branch and bureau in this administration has been riddled with leakers, snitches and spies.

Then they claim they don’t know why the attorney general would keep a close hold on his sensitive investigation, and say it must be for some nefarious reason.

The Democrats would not even attempt to perpetrate such historical revisionism were it not for a compliant media that has ignored, covered up and dismissed the chicanery of a camarilla determined to obstruct and undermine this president.

Now the Democrats hope to recast the attorney general’s investigation into 2016 election skullduggery as foreign interference in the 2020 election and, incidentally, grounds for impeachment.

To accomplish this sleight of hand, a cabal of partisans including the less-than credible chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., carefully crafted a document alleging wrongdoing by the president and cloaked the accuser in anonymity.

Then, to cement their sordid narrative in the public mind before the facts were known, they leaked an embellished version of the allegations to their collaborators in the media.

When the transcript of the phone call was released, the original accusation of “a promise to a foreign leader” evaporated.

When the facts of attorney general’s investigation into illegal foreign interference in the 2016 election come out, the rest of this latest impeachment farce will evaporate as well.

Curtis Ellis is senior policy advisor with America First Policies. He was a senior policy advisor on the Donald J. Trump campaign.

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