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By Charles Miller

It occurs to me that no one serving in government has acted in good faith.
So I decided to see if any reaction could be raised by one of the People.
Will send verification report of other offices served when complete.
We will include link to publish so as to spread the fun out.

Contact welcome at; for interested Americans.

Done and duly served via White House invitation to create official government record.
Started 1:45 am. Finished sending 1:53 am 12/10/2019 with verification of receipt.

Dear Mr. Donald Tump, Office of President of the United States of America; 1 of 5
As Beneficiaries and Surety protected individual Americans, Miller, Westover and Provost Jr., Now provide Fair Notice that the below monograph is; a. being sent out for publish; b. will be duly served for public record to the House Intel and Judiciary Committee members and other Committees both in Congress and the Senate; c. duly filed and served on Bill Barr the United States Attorney General. These actions are deemed to construct a Federal Public Record as evidence for future actions by any of We the People.


This monograph is directed to every real American who believes in the Rule of Law.
The the fundamentals of right and wrong, logic, the law as written by Congress are in the Statutes issued by Congress Assembled, which are clear, precise, on point, and laid out below.
The Laws.
The ultimate conclusion to this monograph is an invitation to file a Civil Rights Action under the Statutes found at 42 USC 1986, 1985, 1983. Read them in this order by simply typing in to a browser, 42 USC 1986, read it and hit previous to go to section 1985. Then enter 42 USC 1983. After reading these sections you will know the United States Congress invites every American to take action.

Dear Mr. Donald Tump, Office of President of the United States of America; 2 of 5
One defense that must be overcome is the Speech and Debate clause protecting serving, in session Members of Congress while Congress is in session from civil suits. To crush this defense the law suit must also have attached to it criminal charges. This is done through Federal Form AO 91. The Statutes attaching criminal liability are 18 USC 241, 242, 371, 372. There are many other criminal charges that could be attached, yet we need to keep it simple and direct. Again, simply type in the USC sections and read them. Then it will then be clear that any American has not only good cause to file the law suit, yet the absolute right to do so.
Responsible Americans will recognize the duty to report the crimes causing the civil rights violations civil law suit.
The Logic.
1. The People created all governments operating in our country to serve us, protect our lives, liberties and property.
2. One of the Offices the People created was that of President.
3. The People have a vested interest, actually a property right, in our Office of President.
4. We the People also created the Bill of Rights setting out the standards by which all government is required to operate under.
5. When government servants fail or refuse to follow the laws of the Bill of Rights the acts by government are not legal nor lawful.

Dear Mr. Donald Tump, Office of President of the United States of America; 3 of
6. The Bill of Rights is the first and oldest law of our country, and known to all Members of Congress.
7.Members of Congress promise to respect, adhere to the duties required under the Bill of Rights.
This promise is the consideration paid by the Members for the privilege of becoming a public servant.
8.Every Member of Congress gets paid to ensure, as in be the surety, that No American, no office created by the Peoples Constitution, is denied access to and protection of the Bill of Rights.
9. To many current Members of Congress are operating in a conspiracy to deny the mandatory protections required for a valid government act to the People’s Office of President.
10. This conspiracy affects every American because when the Office of President is denied access to and protection of the law there is no law and we are all at risk whether we voted for Donald Trump or not.
Thus, We the People must act to protect not only ourselves, yet our Office of President, the Rule of Law governing our country, and particularly our Bill of Rights controlling our public servants.
The Fundamentals.
1. No one is above the law, no matter who, how many, from what position of public office says different.

Dear Mr. Donald Tump, Office of President of the United States of America; 4 of 5
2. There is no excuse whatsoever at any time to refuse or fail to simply and directly carry out the mandates of the People as declared in our Constitutions governing first law of the Bill of Rights.
3. When Members of Congress act to deny the People’s Office of President access to and protection of the law required by the Bill of Rights they individually and collectively act to commit the felony of CONSPIRACY, 18 USC 371, to impede and injure an officer performing proper duties, 18 USC 372. FELONIES.
4. When Members of Congress conspire to deny our Office of President, our duly elected President, Donald Trump, the rights of every American to access the laws of ALL the Bill of Rights, FELONIES found by reference at 18 USC 241, 242 are committed.
5. The Official Records of Congress prove the civil conspiracy to commit FELONIES.
6. No one, no office of government can deny government records. They are FACTS beyond dispute.
7. The facts of record prove that the operators of the Impeachment process not one time even mentioned that our Office of President or Donald Trump, as an American, was ever to receive access to and benefit of the Bill of Rights.
8. Trespass on the law by those paid under their own promise to serve and protect the first law of the Bill of Rights, certain Members of Congress, is now Official Public Record.

Dear Mr. Donald Tump, Office of President of the United States of America; 5 of 5
9. The Members of Congress committing these Felonies are personally liable to every American denied access to and protection from the Bill of Rights.
10. Every American is injured when the law of the Bill of Rights is circumvented for any reason whatsoever, for any reason, by any public servant.
Thus, We the People have the facts and laws and procedures to protect our selves from trespass upon each of us from those we employ to serve us.
Public servants that do not for any reason what so ever keep their promises, to recognize and provide ever American at all times with the first Law protections declared at the People’s Bill of Rights, is taking money under false pretenses and committing FELONIES.

The really disturbing part exposed by this monograph identifying the felonies and civil action positions is defined by one statement.


One last thought.

Are the MSM characters co-conspirators?
Who is going stand up for America and our first law of the Bill of Rights?

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