House Minority Leader McCarthy: Pelosi touts Dem 'path' at DNC, but here's why voters should reject it in November
House Minority Leader McCarthy: Pelosi touts Dem 'path' at DNC, but here's why voters should reject it in November

By Rep. Kevin McCarthy | Fox News

Her priorities are politics. Not people. .

The case for Democrats in November, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in her address to their 2020 National Convention last night, is that they will “light the path forward for our country.” If that path is anything like the way Democrats in the House of Representatives have conducted themselves, voters should unequivocally reject it.

As Speaker of the House, Pelosi has been more focused on distractions than solutions for the American people. From the weakest, most partisan impeachment in history to politicizing the coronavirus pandemic and stopping relief for workers and families, and now perpetuating conspiracy theories about the United States Postal Service, the speaker has failed the American people.

In late July, she insisted Congress “can’t go home” until a coronavirus deal is done, but she gave up on Americans and allowed Congress to go on vacation without passing urgent relief.


To show how out of touch she is with the country, she recently admitted she will wait until January to take action on COVID-19 relief for Americans in need. Meanwhile, she has deemed it necessary to call for an  “emergency session” to pass a messaging bill on the manufactured crisis of the post office.

Her priorities are politics. Not people.

At the same time, Pelosi is ignoring this century’s most profound challenge to our national security: the Chinese Communist Party. She called Republican efforts to hold China accountable for failing to stop the pandemic a “diversion.” Likewise, her Armed Service Committee Chairman Adam Smith, D-Wash., said “it’s not actually their job to warn the American people” about the coronavirus. This is both false and irresponsible. An independent study showed that if China would have acted just three weeks sooner, they could have stopped the spread by 95%.

The caucus over which Pelosi presides is not the old Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy. It is now run by socialists. Democratic policies championed by the left are extreme: raise taxes for hard-working Americans, eliminate private insurance and defund the police. Their 2020 agenda can be summed up in three words: defund, dismantle, destroy.

If you want a snapshot of what the country might look like under the Biden-Harris-Pelosi agenda, it isn’t at the convention, it’s on display nightly on the streets of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and other liberal strongholds.

By contrast, Republicans will always stand up for America and her people. We believe in the greatness of our country and will keep fighting to make sure the United States remains a beacon of hope for those seeking democracy and freedom around the world. That is why our agenda will focus on renewing the American dream, restoring our way of life, and rebuilding the greatest economy we have ever seen.

We have already seen an economy under the Obama-Biden era — it was the slowest economic recovery in the history of our nation. In just his first term, President Trump, along with Congressional Republicans, was able to build an economy stronger than the previous administration said was possible. America can’t afford those failed economic policies — policies of high taxes, stifling regulation, and anti-business sentiment. The country doesn’t want an Obama economy back, we want the Trump economy.

Republicans — and the American people —  know President Trump is the right leader to navigate our nation’s recovery now and in the future.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is House minority leader. 

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