By Stephen, NH Politician

Not long ago I read a lengthy report written by some of the country’s most highly respected physicians. The report touched upon a topic that was quite alarming to all who read or heard about it, the repeat visit. At what point was treating the symptoms more important than finding, treating and curing the root cause? At what point is the physician responsible for prescribing a treatment where the side effects are more harmful than the ailment itself? In many cases it is all about the repeat business. The more appointments, the more visits, the more money. It’s all about the money.

The repeat visit strategy has trickled down from healthcare into other professions and now found its way into veterinary care.

In a recent visit to a veterinary hospital a puppy found to be in perfect health after being treated for giardia and cleared of a UTI was given a rabies vaccination. The puppy never experienced any symptoms associated with giardia prior to or during the giardia treatment.

The rabies vaccination side effects experienced by the puppy required additional medication to combat diarrhea. Then a repeat visit for yet another check up was recommended.

So at what point is the veterinarian responsible for the costs associated with curing the side effects from the vaccination or treatment they injected or the repeat visit needed for the clean bill of health? Why should that be the responsibility of the pet owner? After all the veterinarian is the root cause of the symptom.

The prices charged in healthcare whether for the human or the animal are outrageous. When did it stop being about the care of your fellow man or the care of an animal?

It’s NOT all about the money. It’s about CARING.

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