worse for dems
worse for dems

By Jessica Curtis | Fox News

Democrats have reached their point of inflection. Either they can admit they have failed to convince the total American public that President Trump should be removed from office by virtue of the impeachment process, or they can suffer the consequences at the ballot box.

It’s hard to argue that, to date, the combination of the Democrats in the House controlling the process, coupled with coverage from the mainstream media, is anything other than a drumbeat that the facts are horrible for the president, that they demand impeachment, and failure to impeach is nothing short of constitutional malfeasance.

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So, where does this leave us? There is not a single shred of polling data that indicates there is a stomach among the American public for removing the president from office through any means other than an election.


Democrats have backed themselves into a corner at this point. Among Democrats, support for impeachment and removal is just this side of universal. Among Republicans, the opposite holds true. As for Independents, their support for impeachment, much less removal, erodes by the day. Worst of all for Democrats, the battleground states and congressional districts won by Trump in 2016 are even less supportive of impeachment.

Many Americans do not remember the details on the investigation of President Richard Nixon. Conversely, many Americans do remember President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. When it was Clinton, Republicans said many of the same things that Democrats are saying now—there is no choice, given the law and the facts. Maybe either or both were right. What Republicans learned in 1998 was that more than anything else, Americans wanted the problem to go away. They want a government that works to make their lives easier, safer, or better.

Outside the opinion of total partisans, impeachment is viewed as nothing more than bureaucrats involved in a power struggle. In 1998, Republicans were seen as prolonging the torture. In 2019, it is Democrats who are blinded from history by their hate of Donald Trump.

Things are only going to get worse for Democrats. What will happen when this charade moves to the Senate where Republicans are in control? For starters, Americans will hear from witnesses not committed to removing Trump.

The exculpatory evidence that puts Trump in a favorable light and was completely ignored in the House proceedings will finally come to light. The bias and partisanship involved in pursuing candidate Trump and President Trump will be heard directly, and Americans will learn there has been more to this conversation that Democrats and the media have tried to keep hidden.

In 1972, Richard Nixon carried 49 states and won an astoundingly large victory. Film critic Pauline Kael, a New Yorker to the maximum, famously said (to the Modern Language Association): “I know only one person who voted for Nixon. Who they are I do not know.” For Pauline, that probably was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That said, even she might have been forced to admit that to carry all but one state, somebody was voting for Nixon.

The same thing that animated Kael in 1972 holds true for Democrats today. They are so caught up in talking only to each other and being told how right they are by the mainstream media, they’re unable to see the obvious. Beyond themselves, the impeachment farce is not being bought. That is not an opinion. That is a fact.

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