dems play politics
dems play politics

By Kayleigh McEnany | Fox News

The coronavirus has yet again exposed the strong contrast between President Trump – who is working ardently for the American people – and a Democratic Party with little interest in anything besides taking him down.

President Trump, for his part, has taken unprecedented action to thwart the spread of the virus.

The president issued a travel ban to stop the spread of the virus by travelers from affected regions, announcing additional travel restrictions during a Saturday news conference.

Trump announced mandatory quarantines and a public health emergency. And he formed a Coronavirus Task Force and appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead the effort to orchestrate a coronavirus response.

Meanwhile, Democrats and the anti-Trump media have done little more than complain, point fingers, and politicize what should be an issue engendering bipartisan response.

Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., falsely accused the president of having no plan to deal with the coronavirus, despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issuing a 52-page planned response.

Some 60 percent of CNN’s questions to coronavirus-related guests invited criticism of the Trump presidency. Further exposing its bias, CNN cut away from President Trump’s news conference on the coronavirus to televise flailing Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg’s presidential town hall.

The New York Times published a column by Gail Collins that dubbed the coronavirus the “Trumpvirus.” The newspaper’s continually wrong economics columnist Paul Krugman appeared to celebrate fall in the stock market.

Recall that Krugman predicted “a global recession, with no end in sight” if Donald Trump was elected president. In reality, Trump’s election spurred a period of continued growth and the hottest economy in modern history.

The left’s panic and politicization of the coronavirus is not unusual. It is the typical reaction for a party and a media hoping desperately to see the end of the Trump presidency.

Liberal Democrats peddled an unfounded conspiracy theory alleging Trump-Russia collusion, only to be rebuked by Special Counsel Robert Mueller nearly two years later.

Liberal Democrats then spun a Ukraine quid pro quo theory, which ended in the Senate’s exoneration of President Trump.

And then, when the yield curve was momentarily inverted at the end of 2019, the media broke into utter and sheer panic, suggesting a recession was on the horizon.

In fact, the Trump economy continued to boom with new home sales reaching the highest level in over 12 years, consumer confidence in the economy continuing to break records, and paychecks rising fastest for low- and middle-income Americans.

Rather than politicizing the coronavirus and myriad other situations, Democrats should work on a bipartisan basis with the president to solve them.

As President Trump aptly noted Saturday: “We would respectfully ask the media and politicians and everybody else involved not do anything to incite panic because there’s no reason to panic at all. This is something that is being handled professionally.”

Indeed, President Trump has proven himself the professional – the adult in the room as Democrats act like small children, incapable of stepping up to the task at hand and certainly incapable of leading the nation.

Let the coronavirus and the Democratic response be a clear sign that America simply cannot afford a Democrat prevailing in the presidential election in November.

Kayleigh McEnany is the national press secretary for President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.  She was the former national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. She has a J.D. from Harvard Law School and BSFS from Georgetown School of Foreign Service and is the author of “New American Revolution: The Making of a Populist Movement.”

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