the vote to impeach
the vote to impeach

By Matt London | Fox News

The average American middle class voter does not care about impeaching President Donald Trump, according to Antjuan Seawright, the former top adviser to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in the key state of South Carolina.

“Take off your South Carolina hat and put on one that says Rust Belt,” said Judge Andrew Napolitano on the latest edition of his Fox Nation show “Liberty Files.”


“How does impeachment play there? We’re talking in western Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin — those states that your former boss lost that she probably should have won and that obviously put Trump over the top in the Electoral College,” the Judge continued. “Does ‘Joe Six-Pack’ care about impeachment?”

“Absolutely not,” said Seawright, who is a Democratic strategist and founder and CEO of Blueprint Strategy LLC.


“‘Joe Six-Pack’ and my mother care about quality of life issues…They care about the things that make people go to bed at night sweating. And it makes the father sit on the edge of the bed at night because he can’t fix the problems for his family.”

Meanwhile, in a nearly unanimous party-line vote on Thursday, the Democrat-led House of Representatives voted to formalize an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Despite the excitement in Washington, D.C., Seawright warned that most voters are not glued to their TV screens watching the process play out.

“You have to remember there’s a different conversation in people’s homes at night versus the conversation of those of us who pay attention to this business a little more,” he told Fox Nation. “I think there’s a different conversation… that you and I will have and those of us who do Twitter versus people who do not have access to the Internet and they know that their lives will not change a bit whether Trump is impeached or not.”.

“At the end of the day, what I think the American people want — and I think what they deserve — is the gathering of intel and presenting the case and that way that it is a slam dunk and is not a three-point shot in the end of a ballgame,” Seawright continued.

“Will the Democrats in the House vote to impeach? I’m talking about ultimate impeachment after all the evidence is out… even if they know that Republicans in the Senate will not convict?” asked the Judge.

“I think it would be malpractice for me to sit here and assume that anything will happen because we’re not living in conventional times,” said Seawright.

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