swamp mistress
swamp mistress

By Brian Flood | Fox News

The New York Post labeled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the “Swamp mistress” on its Thursday post-impeachment cover that says the decision will backfire for Democrats in 2020.

The tabloid put the news of President Trump’s impeachment along the top of the front page before declaring “Swamp mistress Pelosi dresses in black for historic vote,” with the message, “It’s your funeral.”


The “swamp mistress” moniker accompanies an opinion piece by Michael Goodwin that labels Trump’s impeachment a “stomach-turning charade” that “damages America.”

“It is said there are two things you should never watch being made: sausage and government budgets,” Goodwin wrote. “Now we can add impeachment to the list of stomach-turning sights to avoid.”

Goodwin wrote that “the nausea meter hit the roof when Nancy Pelosi took the microphone” sporting a “funereal black dress” to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

“I would have counted her more honest if she had pledged her allegiance to a Democratic donkey,” Goodwin wrote. “As the leader of a party that has marinated its mind in unadulterated hatred of President Trump, Pelosi bears unique responsibility for this calamity. She could have stopped it.”

The Post columnist noted that Pelosi was caught up in a “the intra-party civil war raged” between Democrats “with the most virulent Trump haters twisting the arms of those who merely disliked him.” The result was the House Speaker flip flopping on impeachment which “plunged America into a nightmare.”

Goodwin said impeachment coverage “resembled Grade B actors performing for the cameras, their rehearsed references to oaths, prayers, the Founding Fathers, the rule of law, checks and balances and the Constitution itself all sounding contrived,” which he feels were disingenuous.

“That was consistent with Pelosi’s latest demand that her members stay ‘solemn’ in public, so as not to give the impression that they were gloating and joyful. In other words, hide how you really feel so we can fool more people into joining us,” he wrote. “Only the damage to America is real.”Brian Flood covers the media for Fox News.

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