New Documents Confirm Obama WH Manipulated Intel & Lied About Benghazi
New Documents Confirm Obama WH Manipulated Intel & Lied About Benghazi

By Judicial Watch

“The Obama White House concocted the lies about the well-planned Benghazi attacks… they abused the IC to get a pre-ordained outcome, an ‘evolving assessment,’” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update

The ‘evolving assessment’, as new documents released to Judicial Watch now show, was a plan to “manipulate intelligence to get a political result,” Fitton’s explains. The “plan” in other words was to secure then-president Obama’s re-election through a “pre-ordained” narrative, one which overrode the independence of the intelligence community and it’s actual investigations. In fact, the newly released records expose the true intent of Susan Rice’s “lies” with an email telling her that “she was going on the shows in an effort to reinforce president Obama and to portray the attack as being rooted in an internet video and not a failure of policy.”

In fact, “they are trying to use the attack to make Obama look better. By lying about it!” Fitton exclaims. To top it off, the documents show top White House and State Department officials “joking” about being called liars on Benghazi. The chilling email conversation from the document reads as follows:

Deputy National Security Ben Rhodes to Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan and other officials:  “At least you’re only a liar. Could be worse – we’re liars and also allegedly leakers. So you’ve got that going for you, which is something.

Sullivan replies: “We’re only lying footsoldiers [sic]. You’re lying masterminds. That’s cooler.

In Tom Fitton’s words: 

“it shows that Ben Rhodes who was the Obama White House Senior Official who created the false story for Susan Rice to lie to the American people with in order to help Obama stay in office, was planning to orchestrate again another fake story, the evolving explanation created by the Intelligence Community which was used to manipulate intelligence for a political outcome.”

“Who knew all about this?” Fitton asks his viewers. “General Flynn,” he continues. “General Flynn knew about Benghazi, you can be sure, and he knew what they were planning in the Russia smear.” That, in part, is “why he was targeted,” Fitton concludes.

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