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On June 30, 1865, the New Hampshire Legislature authorized the Governor, “to appoint two Commissioners to consider the subject of the restoration of sea fish to our waters and the introduction of new varieties of fresh water fish.” What we know today as the NH Fish and Game Department began as a Commission of Fisheries.

New Hampshire has an abundance of wildlife, freshwater and saltwater fish. Our NH Fish & Game Officers are hard at work educating, assisting and enforcing the laws to manage and protect our wildlife and fisheries. They are instrumental in many wilderness and water rescues.

Officer Sharkey and SGT Hawkes checking Saltwater licenses in New Castle, NH. It’s always a pleasure to share tips and stories with our NHFG team. Thanks for your hard work and contributions to our community.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game department can be found on Twitter, Facebook, NHFG Website and licenses can be purchased here.

A regular visitor in southern New Hampshire.

Our conservation officers do a tremendous job with many educational programs for all ages. They rely on the purchase of licenses to fund their operations and programs so we encourage you to buy a license today.

Southern New Hampshire Bobcat.
Southern NH Bobcats.

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