By Hal Turner Radio Show News Desk

There are now allegedly CONFIRMED coronavirus cases in Watertown, Buffalo and Rochester New York.  HOWEVER, New York State has issued a GAG ORDER to Health care professionals, police, fire and EMS, forbidding them from talking to anyone in any form, about confirmed or suspected cases of Coronavirus.   

According to the local citizen, multiple confirmed cases of Coronavirus are at DeGraf Memorial Hospital in North Tonowanda and no one is allowed to talk about it.

Sorry, but a Health Commissioner DOES NOT HAVE LEGAL AUTHORITY to issue a Gag Order to anyone.  Moreover, these people are paid by us to protect us.

Highly contagious disease running rampant, you know the testing is not accurate, you know 5 million people fled Wuhan and there are china towns down state. Some people get mild symptoms and don’t report but they are spreading it. And this Health Commissioner wants everyone to all just act normal?

How about she tells the public the facts and that they should stock up on food and medicine etc.?   You know, like before it gets out of hand so we have some stuff to hole up for a month or so if need be?

Instead she seems to be leading the public to the slaughter house.

The public should sue her for Depraved Indifference Murder when a loved one dies from the disease.  She knew the death of innocent people was a foreseeable consequence of her gag order, she should pay for it . . . financially AND with her freedom. Send her to prison.


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