china marines PLA 2
china marines PLA 2

By Dave Hodges

It is very clear that Virginia governor Northam is violating the Supreme Court as well as the Constitution. He has threatened the sanctuary counties who defy his ban.

The Supreme Court has previously weighed in with regard to the attempted gun ban by the Virginia Governor who is following Bloomberg’s lead:

In the 1994 case Staples v. United States, the Supreme Court determined that semi-automatic rifles were common. The case concerned the criminal intent requirement for a conviction for possession of an unregistered machine gun. The subject of the case had argued that he was unaware that the AR-15 in his possession had been modified for automatic fire and was not simply a legal semi-automatic AR-15. In the majority opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas made clear that the mere possession of a converted AR-15 is not enough to infer intent sufficient for conviction, as some firearms are “so commonplace and generally available that we would not consider them to alert individuals to the likelihood of strict regulation.” Justice Thomas went on to write that most categories of guns, including semi-automatic rifles, “traditionally have been widely accepted as lawful possessions.”

Additionally, this rogue, communist governor has issued thinly veiled threats against the Sheriffs who refuse to support the ban. 

Two Major Beta Tests

Most experts, who are weighing in on this illegal action by Northam, do not believe that the governor is serious about enforcement. Rather, this is seen as a beta test and there are two groups being beta tested: (1) The gun owners themselves are being beta-tested. With 423 million guns in America, the cost of gun confiscation, both in terms of cost and casualties is cost prohibitive. Voluntary compliance is being measured; and (2) The Sheriffs are being beta-tested as well. The fundamental question at work is here is whether, or not, the Sheriffs can be imtimidated by illegal legislation that flies in the face of the Constitution as well as case law. 

 Gun confiscation is of paramount importance as the globalist forces plan to bring America down and occupy the country for the purposes of ending all populist/nationalist opposition to the New World Order and secondly, gun confiscation is a necessary component in the subjugation of America.

The Five State Plan To Occupy America

There is an overall consensus held by many experts that America is facing a five stage take-over. 

1. Administrative removal of the populist leader, Donald Trump. Win/steal the election of 2020 and install a new Soviet-style communism. Unsuccessful impeachment will be followed by a 25th Amendment hearing on the President’s mental health. These will fail and the next 4 steps will come into play with the Deep-State moves away from a political coup to an armed coup. 

2. When the Deep realizes that they cannot win the 2020 election, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, all Soros organizations, can be expected to make America a very uncomfortable place to be. Random acts of terror will be everywhere and there will be a definitive racial/religious component to the persecution. Gun confiscation will be greatly stepped up in this phase. 

3. This phase will be marked by the embedded paramilitary forces springing into action. The terrorism will be off the charts and will include mass murder, burning of people in churches, widespread assassinations by many of these embedded terror groups (eg MS-13, ISIS, etc). Police stations will be attacked as will schools, malls and hospitals. At this point, the private ownership of guns will become totally illegal in Blue States and cities.the violence will become so horrific that the Democrats will feel justified in asking for the UN to enter the country over the objections of the Senate and the President. 

4. The US military will bifuracte and turn in on itself. Embedded Chinese (now wearing blue helmets) will emerge as they attempt to occupy cities and impose a brutal martial law. Civil war will breakout. Owning a personal firearm will become a death penalty offense. 

5. In America’s weakened condition, it will be attacked by many nations. 

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