Officials in major U.S. city named for 2020 presidential election 'bribery'
Officials in major U.S. city named for 2020 presidential election 'bribery'

By Bob Unruh

A complaint has been filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission bringing bribery allegations against the mayor, a former mayor and the city clerk of Milwaukee over their actions leading up to and during the 2020 president election.

Officials with the Thomas More Society, acting on behalf of a Milwaukee voter, levied the claims against Milwaukee Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson, former Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and City Clerk Jim Owczarski.

The allegations are that the officials acted in violation of Wisconsin’s bribery law by “accepting private money from the Center for Tech and Civic Life in order to facilitate in-person and absentee voting and to purchase and place absentee ballot drop boxes.”

The complaint also charges that the city’s absentee ballot drop boxes actually were illegal under state law.

“This is representative of a national trend, explained Erick Kaardal, a Thomas More Society special counsel. “Sixteen states have now passed legislation to ban or regulate the acceptance and use of private funds by public election officers. Thomas More Society attorneys, prior to the 2020 election, were the first to litigate this issue. Thomas More Society lawyers filed litigation in nine states. All of this litigation led to successful legislative action to ban this ‘dark money.’

“Arizona, Georgia and Texas passed legislation addressing this issue; and, in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the legislature passed laws regulating this conduct, but those laws were vetoed by Democrat governors. Three other states, Minnesota, Iowa, and South Carolina have passed bills regulating this conduct, and are now waiting for those bills to be enacted,” he said.

The Milwaukee complaint followed similar complaints against officials in Racine, Green Bay, Kenosha and Madison, which also asserted violations of election law and bribery of election officials by the Center for Tech and Civic Life.

The legal team explained, “The Milwaukee complaint contends that Barrett and Owczarski entered into an agreement with the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a partisan, special interest organization, to accept $3.4 million to facilitate in-person and absentee voting in the city, which is a violation of Wisconsin law. The Center for Tech and Civic Life is a non-profit Chicago-based organization, led and staffed by former Democratic activists and funded by billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, to influence the 2020 election.”

Kaardal explained the case details a massive scheme on the part of the Center for Tech and Civic Life to usurp the administration of the election, a core traditional governmental function.

“Under the guise of COVID-19 prevention and via the illegal dumping of private money into the municipal process, the Center for Tech and Civic Life handed control of the 2020 election in Wisconsin over to private partisan interests, in the form of its ‘partners,'” the legal team said.

“We can’t undo the wrongs of the 2020 election,” Kaardal said. “But it is incumbent upon us to ensure that the corruption that infected Wisconsin’s voting process is rooted out and that the state’s election integrity is preserved. Wisconsin’s voters deserve to know the truth and they need to be assured that the corruption has been eliminated, allowing for fair and honest elections from this point forward.”

The complaint notes the CTCL convinced officials of the cities to agree to “gift” agreements publicly promoted as grants to help deal with COVID-19. However, the actual work was a voting “plan” that “had nothing to do with the health and safety of Wisconsin voters, but rather outsourced the process to partisan ‘experts’….”

In Wisconsin, actually, it is illegal for anyone to “take money” to induce a voter to go to the polls.

“The evidence in this complaint is overwhelming and condemning,” said Kaardal. “Even on the surface, given all benefit of doubt, there is no question that Mayor Barrett, and Clerk Owczarski accepted private money from the Center for Tech and Civic Life to facilitate in-person and absentee voting in Milwaukee, as well as illegal ballot drop boxes. This is in violation of Wisconsin election law.”

WND previously reported that it already had been confirmed by a study that Zuckerberg’s decision to donate some $420 million to various leftist elections officials across America to “help” them accommodate COVID during the 2020 president race essentially “bought” the vote for Joe Biden.

Then a report from the Office of Special Counsel in the state of Wisconsin determined that those actions also violated the state’s bribery statutes.

Margot Cleveland at the Federalist had posted an explanation of the stunning verdict.

In Wisconsin, Zuckerberg’s money, some $9 million, went “solely to five Democratic strongholds” and the special counsel’s report to the Wisconsin Assembly said those actions violated the ban on bribes.

“Last August, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos authorized the Office of Special Counsel, headed by retired state Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman, to investigate concerns about election integrity and the 2020 election. Gableman delivered an interim report to the state assembly on November 10, 2021,” the Federalist report explained.

Then, “the special counsel provided a second interim report to the state legislative body, noting the report ‘is final in the sense that it provides a list of recommendations with time for the Legislature to act before the close of its session in March.'”

The report, 136 pages, said it was not challenging the certification of the 2020 results in Wisconsin, one of several battleground states that went narrowly for Joe Biden. Its goal, instead, is to recommend ways to avoid another election that results from criminal activity.

Those include:

  • Eliminating the Wisconsin Election Commission, which, in fact, had delivered to elections officials improper instructions for the election.
  • Maintain a single statewide voter registration database and making it available and secure.
  • Establishing oversight procedures for elections.
  • Establishing a process for challenging results.
  • Minimizing “pre-voting,” because that denies citizens their right to observe the process.
  • Allowing the creation of “alternative slates of electors” for challenged races.
  • Providing ways to challenge those certifications.
  • Banning “outside finding” in elections.

“Our state has a deep, progressive history and is suspicious of private entities engaging in governmental activity,” the report said. “Clerk’s offices should be (and in 2020 were) adequately funded by state and federal entities, as appropriate, but outside grants should be disfavored or prohibited, especially where those grants have any conditions on them.”

Regarding Zuckerberg’s money, the OSC report said Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay all agreed with the Center for Tech and Civic Life, funded by Zuckerberg, to “facilitate in-person and absentee voting.”

But those agreements “where a city’s election officials receive CTCL or other’s private money to facilitate in-person and absentee voting with a city facially violates Wis. State. 12.11’s prohibition on election bribery…” it said.

The money being handed out by Zuckerberg – outside of any existing campaign funding regulations – was not random, and was for his political purposes, the report says.

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