Rush Limbaugh says media's narrative about enthusiasm for Biden will be proven wrong
Rush Limbaugh says media's narrative about enthusiasm for Biden will be proven wrong

By Joshua Q. Nelson | Fox News

Radio host said conventional wisdom will be wrong just like in 2016.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh stressed the importance of this Election Day saying it will “determine what kind of country we have going forward.”

“I look at the conventional wisdom and I make it a point never to follow it. It’s always wrong and it is groupthink. Why you want to go along with what everybody else thinks?” Limbaugh told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, adding he believes early voters could be eager to reelect the president and are fed up with the biased media coverage of the administration.

“Everybody thinks it is a bunch of Democrats that hate Trump showing up because they hate the guy and they can’t wait to vote against this and that’s what the media has been telling us,” Limbaugh said.


“They are fed up with the way he has been lied about, they are fed up with this Russian conspiracy hoax and this impeachment hoax, they are fed up with the attempts to destroy this country via Antifa and Black Lives Matter and they are tired of watching the cities burn.”

Voters are casting their ballots nationwide Tuesday to choose whether the next president of the United States will be Donald Trump or Joe Biden, even as tens of millions have already voted either early or through the mail.

Limbaugh said that the media “made up” the narrative that “enthusiasm is on the Democrats’ side.”

“They’re tired of watching Democratic governors and mayors shut down their cities and states. What’s to say this early voting isn’t a bunch of Republicans and Trump supporters showing up to get it out of their system?” he asked.

“I think there is a whole different way of looking at this. It is my way of looking at it and I welcome everybody to join me in my way of looking at this because my way is victory, my way is Trump winning and preserving the American way of life,” he said, adding that he is hoping the left is defeated by a healthy margin and President Trump is given a second term.

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