peter strzok lisa page texts
peter strzok lisa page texts

By Joe Hoft

Oh my – the reason corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok was caught texting his lover in the FBI, Lisa Page, was not due to incredible investigative work. The reason was the oldest explanation in the book – his jealous and scorned wife!

We are only now finding out how Peter Strzok got caught texting his mistress Lisa Page at the FBI. He was outed by his wife –

Stephen McIntyre@ClimateAudit

turns out that combined resources of Mueller investigation and FBI did not identify the problematic Strzok-Page texts. It had the most old-fashioned explanation of all: Strzok’s wife. …Austere Scholar Monsieur @MonsieurAmericaNeed a Karmic-Justice laugh?

Gather round and listen how Chief of Counterespionage was compromised by his own wife who (after confronting “hat-trick” Lisa) turned over incriminating tryst evidence to FBI which would then end up as public spectacle & exculpatory diggs for Flynn.
6216:22 PM – Nov 25, 2019

Sidney Powell summed it up – “There is some justice in that!”

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