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By Paul Martin and Jim Hoft

FOX News Plays Trick on Viewers – Oversamples Democrats by 14 POINTS in Junk Impeachment Poll

Some people are blaming new board member Paul Ryan but is that really fair?

Rush Limbaugh warned about FOX News Channel’s turn against President Trump just last week.

FOX News posted a stunning poll on Thursday that shows that 51% of Americans want President Trump impeached on the media’s fraudulent Ukrainian accusations.

But FOX News used a poll that was weighted by 14 points in favor of Democrats.

Funny how @SpeakerRyan who now helps run Fox News has got them to RIG THEIR POLLS

Check out their polling samples! They aren’t even polling fox viewers!

14+ D?

They are trying to give cover for @GOP to impeach!

Fox News is the enemy! @gatewaypundit


— Str8Don ® (@Str8Don) October 10, 2019

It’s a sham.

The Fox News poll is wrong, just like their final poll in 2016 (had Hillary winning by 4) was wrong.

A staggering 48% of those polled on this bogus impeachment charade were Democrats.

Our internal polling shows voters, particularly Independents, oppose this sham!

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman)

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