By Matt London | Fox News

Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce broke down what she sees as the biggest takeaway from Ronan Farrow’s bombshell new book detailing sexual misconduct and alleged cover-ups reaching into the highest echelons of American media and politics.


Bruce argued that the most astonishing revelation from the book, “Catch and Kill” is also the least covered, and that is the alleged role of former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in shielding notorious sex offenders from scrutiny.

“Farrow says that this is power protecting power,” said Bruce on her Fox Nation show “Get Tammy Bruce.”

“Farrow refers to [Weinstein] also as part of Hillary’s brain trust,” she continued. “He was very involved in…influencing people involved regarding the campaign… Vanity Fair says he gave a $1 million to Democrats since 2010. He also was an initial donor to Bill Clinton’s defense fund after and during the Monica Lewinsky situation. He, of course, had a lot of fundraisers for her, was pitching documentaries about her and was considered part of her inner circle, if you will.”

Bruce also argues that former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat who resigned after sexual misconduct allegations, among others, benefited from their proximity to Clinton’s influence.

“All of these individuals were raising a lot of money… ‘Good’ on the issues [and] within the protective bubble of the most powerful woman in the world, at that point, and the woman that everyone presumed would be the president,” said Bruce.

However, Bruce contends that the most significant moment in this conspiracy came when it became clear that Hillary Clinton would not become president.

“If Hillary Clinton had won the election in 2016 or even, frankly, in 2008… the #MeToo movement never would have occurred,” she said. “It was only after her loss that that facade was removed, that that foundation of protection for certain people ended.”

“People like Harvey Weinstein and Eric Schneiderman likely would have been elevated in other different kinds of positions,” Bruce added. “Maybe Weinstein would be in the cabinet. Maybe he’d be running the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Maybe Eric Schneiderman, who had to resign in disgrace, would be the attorney general. But the point is, is that we wouldn’t have known.”

Bruce concluded, by saying, “For some reason [Hillary Clinton] is still someone who can presume to maybe still run for president. This is a chance for the American people to say… enough is enough and that is it heartening that we have a young man like Ronan Farrow.”

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