The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs
The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs


The corruption in the United States Election System is criminal. Those who are behind it are looking to steal elections. The Dominion Voting System does not serve the will of the people, it serves those who seek power for personal gain by cruel and oppressive government or rule.

The United States of America was formed to prevent oppression and tyranny using the framework of our US Constitution to protect our country and its people.

Those who would thwart our laws and those who are behind it need to be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

Every state and commonwealth must require the hand count of every legal ballot. We suspect that more blue states and commonwealth will flip to RED. It’s time for free and fair elections. America is watching. You will be held accountable.

The people have spoken. President Donald J. Trump has won re-election. The people will not stand for the dismantling of our great nation.

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