farce be with you
farce be with you

By Brian Flood | Fox News

The New York Times was lampooned on social media Thursday for tweeting a “Star Wars”-style video declaring that President Trump “has launched a fresh assault on fair elections.”

“’The president has launched a fresh assault on fair elections.’ Unfortunately, this isn’t happening a long time ago in a universe far, far away,” the verified Opinion section’s Twitter account wrote to caption the video.


NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck noted that the tweet has been “heavily ratio’d” for “defiling not only the Declaration of Independence but ‘Star Wars’ too.”

The ridiculed video changes the famous scrolling “Star Wars” opening “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” to a more woke, “A long time coming for a White House far, far from reality.”

The text begins by noting that “chaos has engulfed the Republic” in “Episode 45 The Last Straw.”

“For three years, Trump and his allies have ushered in the obliteration of moral norms for personal gain. But now, the president has launched a fresh assault on fair elections — the crowning glory of American democracy. To restore some semblance of order to the universe, Nancy Pelosi has announced an official impeachment inquiry into the president’s abuse of power in pressing a foreign government to investigate his political rival,” Times’ opinion staffers wrote.

“While the Congress of the Republic scrambles, the citizens of the galaxy reflect on a few of Trump’s previous actions,” the text continues.

The scrolling message is set to music, which Houck wrote is “like a cheap-sounding knock-off” of the original “Star Wars” theme.

“The President and his supporters were painted as any one of the Star Wars villains from the ‘Dark Side,’” Houck wrote. “Things grew even more ludicrous as the remaining crawl consisted of 21 grievances against the President, ranging from this past week to the beginning of the decade.”

Houck wasn’t the only media watchdog to mock the Times for its “Star Wars” parody:Brian Flood covers the media for Fox News.

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