transcript july 25 trump zelensky 700x420
transcript july 25 trump zelensky 700x420

By Brian Cates

Because their strategy to remove Trump from office by getting a Special Counsel appointed to find evidence to use for impeachment so utterly failed, Democrats frantically searched for the past several months trying to find something that could replace it.

It now seems Democrats think they have at last found a real scandal they can use to move forward with impeachment hearings in the House.

The new fake Trump scandal rolled out last weekend by the Democrats involves a phone call held on July 25 between President Trump and the newly installed President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

An anonymous government official, described inaccurately as a ‘whistleblower,’ made an official complaint to the Intelligence Community’s Inspector General’s Office about some of the things Trump supposedly said during this call.

According to the complaint that was filed, Trump tried to strong-arm Zelensky into agreeing to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Biden is currently the frontrunner and favorite to win the Democratic nomination to run against Trump next year.

To pressure Zelensky into agreeing to investigate the Bidens, the anonymous leaker claimed Trump threatened to withhold military aid that had already been approved to Ukraine.

So if true, this would indeed be a huge scandal, if a sitting President tried to coerce a foreign government into investigating or manufacturing a criminal probe of his political opposition.   

It is being reported that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) had the information from this so-called “whistleblower” complaint back in August and he held it back while dropping vague, ominous hints.

Failure To Launch

Of course, as with a multitude of other fake attacks on Trump and his administration, this manufactured scandal started falling apart almost immediately.

Trump moved to quickly declassify both the transcript of the phone call and the “whistleblower” complaint, catching his enemies flat-footed with their pants down.

It is already becoming apparent, now that both documents are public and everyone can read them, that the fake whistleblower complaint is replete with errors, mischaracterizations, and outright falsehoods.

The same players in the Russiagate hoax were trying to launch a Ukrainian hoax using the exact same strategy: vague leaks based on anonymous sources so story after story could be rolled out in the fake news media alleging Trump crimes.

Only this strategy was instantly blown up this time, and in quite a savage fashion by this president.

Trump now has his people in place and all the evidence has been collected. He didn’t need to wait to completely blow up this new Ukrainian narrative.

This tells me Trump had his own counter-narrative all ready and waiting to launch whenever the Democrats and their DNC Media Complex allies tried this futile Ukrainian gambit.

And unlike the fake Trump-Ukrainian Corruption narrative, the Biden-Ukrainian Corruption narrative isn’t based on anonymous leaks from shadowy government officials speaking off the record while filing complaints full of 2nd and 3rd hand hearsay. It’s based on solid evidence found in documents as well as video and audio recordings.

These People Are Stupid

The launch of Spygate was successful back in 2016 because the plotters were in key positions within the federal government’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies, lying in wait as the Trump administration came into office. They held back the Steele Dossier and used their media allies to leak selective allegations.

This time? The new Trump-Ukrainian strategy counted on the Trump administration “hiding” the phone call transcript and the filed complaint,  giving the plotters and the media room and license to lie about what the documents said.

Somehow these morons were led to believe the documents wouldn’t be instantly declassified and placed in the public square.

You are getting a preview right now of how the rollout of the Horowitz report and the results of U.S. Attorneys John Durham and John Huber’s investigations are going to go.

One side will be desperately leaking bombshell stories based on anonymous sources making all kinds of allegations while the other side will be holding press conferences in which DOJ officials will speak publicly on the record and proffering newly declassified documents for the public to read.

Guess who’s going to win that fight?

Trump had to wait and hold fire for more than two years because he needed to give Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo, William Barr, Michael Horowitz, John Huber, and John Durham time to do their important work and collect and catalog all of the evidence.

But we’re past that stage now.

You’re about to see a presidential campaign unfold over the next year like nothing you have ever seen before.

The DNC Media will try to spin or bury Spygate news as it breaks over the next year that is damaging to itself and the Democrats, but here’s how Trump is going to thwart this: the over 100 rallies he’s going to hold between now and Nov. 3, 2020.

Trump knows exactly what buttons to push with these media people. He’s been carefully and diligently studying them for over fifty years, the entire time they thought he was just being a swaggering macho blowhard.

They are all going to wish they’d never tried this.

Brian Cates is a writer based in South Texas and author of “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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