These documents reveal the left's TERRIFYING game plan to RADICALLY change America
These documents reveal the left's TERRIFYING game plan to RADICALLY change America

By Glenn Beck, BlazeTV Staff

A group close to George Soros and his allies recently used a written plan from the Transition Integrity Project, “Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition,” to prepare for several outcomes to November’s election.

On the radio show Thursday, Glenn Beck explained each of the four scenarios this group “war-gamed”— and they are truly terrifying. In the “Game Three” scenario, a “clear Trump win,” they go all out to obtain power, despite Joe Biden losing in the Electoral College. These documents are readily available to read, download, and save here.

“You know, I’m tired of the Democrats lecturing that [President Trump] just has to do the right thing for the country. No. There’s times you have to do the right thing for the Constitution, because they all swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Glenn said. “You’re not protecting and defending a president, a party, an ideology. You are protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States. This is to change our political system.”

Glenn went on to share a second document (which you can see here) called “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda” created by “former progressive congressional staffers who saw the Tea Party beat back President Obama’s agenda” and encouraged listeners to peacefully fight back against this radical movement, just like the Tea Party did years ago.

“For anyone who thinks we didn’t win in the Tea Party, listen to this: ‘What the Tea Party accomplished. The Tea Party organized to end hope for progressive reform under President Obama. Their members changed votes and defeated legislation. They radically slowed federal policy-making. They forced Republicans to reject compromise. They shaped national debate over President Obama’s agenda. They paved the way for a Republican takeover in 2010 and Donald Trump today. These are real tangible results by a group that was represented only by a small portion of Americans’,” Glenn read.

“They’re using what we did as their way of organizing for action,” he added. “But what they don’t have, is the truth. What they don’t have, is the love of country … The love of country is what drove all of us. And we stayed disciplined. How many times did they call you violent? How many times did they just poke you and poke you and poke you, and you never responded? We wouldn’t be here today if people were violent. They need you to be violent … but we cannot become all that we despise.”

Watch the video below for more: Terrifying Game Plan to Radically Change America

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