traitor tlaib
traitor tlaib

By David Rutz | Washington Free Beacon

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., has promoted at least four racially charged hoaxes or debunked stories on Twitter in 2019 and failed to issue statements retracting or correcting her comments.

The most recent example: the case of Amari Allen, a black 12-year-old girl in Virginia who claimed three white boys in her class pinned her down and cut off her dreadlocks. Allen has since recanted the story, but Tlaib has not issued a correction or deleted her tweet praising Allen as “courageous & strong” and having a “power that threatens their core.”

The activist who Tlaib retweeted apologized for spreading the story after Allen recanted her charge, but Tlaib didn’t share the apology or offer her own contrition.

This has been part of a pattern for the outspoken, far-left congresswoman. On at least three other occasions in 2019, Tlaib uncritically shared racially charged, viral stories that fell apart or were strongly challenged upon deeper scrutiny.

Tlaib was among numerous progressive politicians and pundits who rushed to judgment about the Covington Catholic incident in January at the Lincoln Memorial. Initial videos and media reports made it seem as though Trump-supporting high schoolers had mocked and harassed a Native American man peacefully beating a drum, but further investigation revealed severe inaccuracies in those assumptions.

“This is so hard to watch,” Tlaib tweeted, linking to one of the early videos. “It reminds us of the growing hate & oppression we are all up against.”

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