energy boom
energy boom

By Daniel Turner | Fox News

With the end 2019 only days away, it’s natural we look back at all that has transpired, both “highs” and “lows.” We do this in our personal and work lives, and, as a nation, we should do this on critical issues. Like energy.

What happened in 2019 in terms of energy production?

The highs: America in 2019, for the first time in 70 years, became an exporter of oil. America is experiencing an energy boom. We lead the world in oil and natural gas production, creating thousands of high-paying jobs all across rural America. Our energy revolution, and particularly advancements in fracking, has created over four million new jobs. A report by the Heartland Institute concludes that, without fracking, our natural gas prices would be 28 percent higher today. That’s a pretty high heating bill for many American households.


Abundant, inexpensive, domestic, reliable energy is reflected in the cost of business, manufacturing, farming and industry, which translates into our economy charging ahead with the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and wages rising for the first time in nearly a decade.  Energy helps make America great. Again.

The lows: every Democratic presidential candidate opposes fracking. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders claim they would ban it by executive order on their first day in office.  Though such campaign promises are met by applause from the left-leaning audience, four million energy workers should shudder. Four million paychecks supporting God knows how many more family members, spouses, elderly parents, tithing to churches, paying the kids’ Little League fees and swimming lessons … banned? On your first day in office?

And because these jobs are scattered across America in places like Artesia, New Mexico, and Williston, North Dakota, places where campaign buses don’t travel and Democratic National Committee debates are not held, none of the candidates have to see the faces of the men and women whose jobs they threaten. It’s low to cheer firing people.  It’s low to cheer unemployment.

What happened in 2019 in terms of energy geopolitics?

The highs: America’s oil prices were consistent, and that makes budgets for homes and businesses easier to forecast and plan. Oil hit a high of $65 per barrel. Compare that to just five years ago when oil highs were $106. What makes this most important and even exciting: this happened while Iran attacked Saudi oil fields. This happened while Socialist Venezuela produced less oil than they have in 50 years. Yes, this is exciting for America: oil politics don’t drive our economy anymore. Ideologies rise and fall, and nations attack one another, but America, for the first time in decades, is immune.

The lows: every Democratic presidential candidate supports policies that reverse this trend.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has proclaimed “there’s no place for fossil fuels in my administration.” Is there no place for fossil fuels in his administration’s military? 

They all support the socialist “Green New Deal” written by radical freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a proposal that makes fossil fuels virtually illegal within the decade.

The leading candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, has proclaimed “there’s no place for fossil fuels in my administration.” Is there no place for fossil fuels in his administration’s military? He supports escalating wars in the Middle East and sending military aid to the Kurds in Syria. He would “support a unilateral strike to take them [North Korea] out.” Bold statements from a man who wants to be commander in chief. Maybe the tanks and fighter jets in President Biden’s military run on hot air as he does.

Such angry and stupid bluster isn’t limited to Biden. Sanders calls fossil fuel executives “criminals” and believes they should be arrested and imprisoned. Menacing words that get cheers from the eco-left on campaign stops. Less serious when we consider Bernie’s own use of private jets and multiple homes that run on the products made by these “criminals.”

It’s impossible to take either of these septuagenarian pseudo green lifetime politicians seriously.

America had an incredible year in energy, and we as a nation should be celebrating. In fact, we are. We have record travel numbers.  We have record shopping numbers. We have record restaurant numbers. Yes, Americans are celebrating, and every drive to dinner or vacation, and every delivery from an online purchase are because of our American energy.  You’d think some of this enthusiasm, optimism and joy would rub off on the Democrat candidates.

As we wrap up 2019, we should look toward resolutions for the new year. Save more. Eat less. Exercise. Quit smoking. Here’s one I propose for the 2020 Democrat candidates: rejoice.

Rejoice in the abundance of energy resources God has bestowed on this nation. Rejoice in the hard work of millions of Americans who power the future with their labor. Rejoice in the security of our nation through energy independence. Rejoice that America is great. Again.

And stay comfy in your current jobs, because if America continues at this rate next year, thanks to our energy industry, there’s no way you’re getting the White House.

Daniel Turner is the executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs.

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