FBI Officials Had Sex With Prostitutes While Overseas on Assignment: Watchdog
FBI Officials Had Sex With Prostitutes While Overseas on Assignment: Watchdog

By Zachary Stieber

Four FBI officials had sex with prostitutes while on assignment overseas, the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) found.

The investigation also pointed to a fifth official solicited prostitutes but not having sex with them, the watchdog said in a summary (pdf) of the probe released Tuesday.

The four officials who engaged with prostitutes in the unnamed countries lied when asked about their misconduct, violating bureau policy, according to the office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Additionally, all five officials failed to report their own misconduct and the misconduct of others, which they’re supposed to do per FBI policy.

One of the officials lied when asked whether he or she observed or placed 100 white pills in a package to be delivered to a foreign law enforcement officer and another of the officials failed to report being provided such a package.

Of the five officials, two resigned, two retired, and one was removed while the investigation was ongoing.

The report was provided to the FBI “for appropriate actions,” Horowitz’s office said.

An FBI spokesperson told The Epoch Times in an email that the former workers were part of the bureau’s Legal Attaché Offices and that the bureau initially referred the allegations to the inspector general’s office upon learning that some personnel had likely violated the FBI’s Code of Conduct.

During the investigation, all of the officials under review were ordered back to the United States and the four officials who engaged in sexual misconduct were removed or resigned before the summary was issued, according to the bureau.

The fifth employee will now be disciplined.

“We have already completed numerous measures during the OIG’s investigation to ensure this type of behavior does not happen again. We will take all appropriate disciplinary actions against the one remaining employee with substantiated findings now that our Office of Professional Responsibility is able to proceed from the OIG’s final investigative results,” the spokesperson said.

The FBI’s actions in the wake of the findings for workers assigned overseas include imposing mandatory reporting for some contact with foreign nationals; mandatory reporting within three business days of any relationship or exchange of personal information, with some exceptions; and implementing a new 24-hour removal policy for any employee from a foreign post when there is credible evidence that the three-business day rule has been violated.

“The FBI, at any given time, routinely has personnel assigned around the world. These employees are essential assets to our nation’s security, the protection of the American people and effectively building critical relationships with our foreign partners through our International Operations Division program,” the spokesperson said. “The majority of our personnel, wherever they are stationed, represent the FBI with the utmost honor and respect. We will not tolerate these few individuals, who chose to disregard their oath and the public we serve, tarnishing the good work the rest of the FBI accomplishes each and every day.”

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