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By NH Politician

The NH Politician Poll Results are out. As of December 5, 2019 at 8:00PM the results are as follows:

Abuse of Constitutional Power

Do you think Democrats are abusing their Constitutional power?
  • Yes 80%
  • No 20%

Impeachment Poll

Should the House of Representatives VOTE to formally impeach the President?
  • No – I am a Democrat registered to vote in 2020. 8.70%
  • Yes – I am a Democrat registered to vote in 2020. 6.52%
  • No – I am a Republican registered to vote in 2020. 65.22%
  • Yes – I am a Republican registered to vote in 2020. 15.22%
  • No – I am an Independent registered to vote in 2020. 4.35%
  • Yes – I am an Independent registered to vote in 2020. 0.00%

Presidential Approval Poll

If you are a United States Citizen of legal voting age and VOTE, do you approve of President Trumps job performance?
  • Yes 74.60%
  • No 25.40%

Presidential Poll

If the Presidential election were held today would you vote Democrat or Republican?
  • Democrat 14.29%
  • Republican 85.71%

Congressional Job Approval Poll

Are you satisfied with the job our Congress is doing?
  • Approve 8.62%
  • Disapprove 91.38%

Does Congress Hate America Poll

Do you think there are members of Congress who hate America?
  • Yes 82.76%
  • No 17.24%

American Justice System Poll

Has the American Justice System been politicized?
  • Yes 95.24%
  • No 4.76%

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