Eliana Johnson
Eliana Johnson

By Brian Flood | Fox News

Soon-to-be former CNN on-air contributor Eliana Johnson questioned the rationale of an executive at the liberal network who said she was no longer needed because her new gig running a conservative website constituted a “different career path.”

Johnson is leaving her job as Politico’s White House reporter to become editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon. CNN announced Wednesday that it would not renew Johnson’s contract when it expires in November because of the new position. CNN vice president and spokesperson Matt Dornic took to Twitter to explain that the decision was made because Johnson is leaving the White House beat.


“She’s now pursuing a different career path and off that beat. Simple as that,” Dornic tweeted in response to a BuzzFeed report announcing CNN’s plans to show Johnson the door.

Johnson, who is widely respected by members of the media industry on both sides of the political aisle, responded to Dornic’s explanation.Whoops! We couldn’t access this Tweet.

“I didn’t realize becoming the first female editor-in-chief of a conservative news site was ‘pursuing a different career path.’ I’ll still be in the newsbreaking business. And perhaps even covering the White House,” Johnson tweeted.

CNN will not renew the contract of incoming Free Beacon boss Eliana Johnson. (Getty Images)

Dornic declined a request for comment when reached by Fox News.

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck doesn’t buy CNN’s explanation, calling it a “lame excuse” for dumping a high-profile conservative.

“I think most sensible people see this for what it is,” Houck told Fox News. “Yet again, CNN is showing its vicious hostility to actual conservatives. So long as you’re vehemently anti-Trump, hate the Second Amendment, toe the line on any number of liberal issues, and hurl juvenile insults at people you disagree with, CNN will gladly continue to keep you employed as an analyst, commentator, or contributor. Otherwise, watch out.”

Johnson will remain a paid CNN contributor until her contract expires in November.Brian Flood covers the media for Fox News.

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