Update on Vermont COVID19 Testing – 73% of Tests Were False Positives
Update on Vermont COVID19 Testing – 73% of Tests Were False Positives

By Steve MacDonald

Four days ago, we reported on how 33 of 63 positive test results in Manchester, Vermont, were false positives. If that’s disconcerting, hold my beer. That number went up. Of the 65 positive tests reported, 48 turned out to be false positives. That’s a 73% failure rate.

News of an outbreak set off alarms in a state that to-date had fared well in the pandemic, registering the second-fewest cases in the country. Many local restaurants and retailers quickly shut down. The Saturday farmers market was canceled. State officials with little information scrambled to answer questions from reporters and the public as to how and where the outbreak began.

The only “outbreak” was an outbreak of bad CDC test kits that inflamed fearmongering over a virus that is not anywhere near as dangerous as advertised.

We’ve got a local business owner accusing us of criminal threatening for publishing the words she wrote, but the media and the left are getting a pass daily for a months-long domestic terror campaign that turns not just a town but the southern part of a state upside down for nothing.

This is great news (that’s sarcasm) for Americans already fearmongered into delirium by conflicting stories about the need for more testing followed by infection spikes that turn out to be bad tests and (in too many cases) just media hyperbole in search of political points to damage political opponents.

They must be exhausted while the rest of us, over here on team liberty, are healthy, happy, and shaking our heads at the rest of the world wondering if they are ever going to wake up.

The verdict is still out.

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